Backlog of the days in Perhentian

Decided to post finally as we seem to have some time. I’m lacking lots of posts due to either not having enough time (late nights or studying) or just simply being dead tired. Nights here lack all the luxury so we have to fight our way through usually, there are some enemies:

1. mosquitoes who have real good ways to find (the always existing) holes in the mosquito nets.
2. occasional bedbugs who need to be cleared by some disinfection.
3. some detergents used for the cleaning of our sheets which trigger allergic reactions.
4. constant noise from our fans (the only way of air conditioning).
5. night showers/storms which mean immediate closing of some windows and retrieval of hanged clothes (as they tend to never dry in this climate)

So for the coming posts I try to write a mostly daily summary of what happened, focusing on the more interesting days. Stay tuned!

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